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    By now you will realise that networking is a formula – it is a science – it is marketing. You will also know that networking is simple once you follow the formula and tips. Few however, would say that it is easy.

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    It is important that while networking you get a Return on your Investment – otherwise why network. We must be entirely focused so as to ensure we get the return on both time and subscriptions.

  • Module 5 - The One Minute Pitch

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    The One Minute Pitch is sometimes referred to as the elevator pitch and is a very important dimension of networking and business acquisition. It is vital that you can articulate your business in less than one minute. Your one minute pitch when perfected can then be used in a more adhoc conversation type networking to …

  • Module 4 - Nurturing, Where to Connect

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    Now that you have accomplished some of the basics of networking we are going to look at where you can connect. Remember networking is like flossing you cannot delegate it so you must get out and do it. It is vital to pick the correct channels.

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    Now that you have accomplished the basics of networking let’s bring you to Working the Room. When you are proficient at networking one to one, it is important to access the networking event as a whole.

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    A core ingredient of networking is how we adapt and connect with those we meet. In this module, Adapting and Connecting, let’s look at some strategies to connect, adapt and build profitable relationships more effectively. We will also provide some tactical tools on building relationships. We will explore personal preferences, personality dispositions, reading body language …

  • Module 1 - Networking is simple but not easy

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    Networking is personal marketing and therefore a science. It is a group of competencies that can learned and developed, ensuring you become an expert networker. The good news is that like any other science it can be learned. In this the first module, Networking is simple but not easy, we will give you an overview …

  • Engage: Lead Generation through Networking

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    Networking delivers 80% more results than cold calling and 65% of all jobs are sourced through networking. CEO’s and senior managers spend 70% of their time networking because networking is a source of great lead generation and makes a commercial difference.